Cute Preppy Outfits
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Cute Preppy Outfits

The elegance and minimalism of preppy attire have become a staple of the fashion industry. The style has in been in fashion for decades and continues to remain at the forefront of the world of vogue as it evolves and changes throughout the years. Melly M provides high quality, cute preppy outfits for a multitude of occasions. Our company is committed to creating clothes with personality and modern aesthetics. We offer a multitude of pattern styles to select from for any and all color and design preference types.

The company’s inception came about in one of the most fashion attentive and involved states in the U.S – New York. After incidentally meeting with a sales representative who was already involved in the fashion industry a new chapter began for Melissa. The woman that met with our company’s founder was immediately attracted to and inquisitive of one of the self-designed outfits that Melly was wearing. The exchange of information between Melissa and the fashion sales rep paved the way for the creation of Melly M. Our company showcased in its first New York trade show just three weeks after this encounter.

Today Melly M has proven versatile and much-loved provider of women’s cute preppy outfits. We provide gorgeous clothing patterns such as Asher Black, Binky Royal, Crosby Navy, Ginger Royal, Hayden Pink, Justine Black, and Tibby Multi. Melly M offers clothes that will both look and feel great through the use of high-end, durable fabrics and our own New York manufacturing. Melly M’s design team is passionate about the fashion industry is continually working toward the improvement of our company and customer services.

Melly M has become a leading developer of women’s golf attire and country club wear for our high-end and timeless apparel designs. We provide cute preppy outfits that will help you easily meet the dress requirements of the golf & country clubs you wish to attend. The raiment that we supply is loved for the eye-catching motifs and the appeal of our well fitting fabrics. Our cute preppy outfits have the perfect balance of aesthetic allure and functionality. Some of the articles of clothing we offer from our women’s golf attire section include:

  • Short shorts in Tibby Multi
  • Bermuda Short in Asher Royal
  • Sanibel Skort in Asher Turquoise
  • Madison Crew in Hayden Coral
  • Cohasset Crew in Asher Black
  • Cohasset Crew in Solid White

When you are preparing for your attire for your next vacation with friend and family you are looking for your best clothes. Melly M can provide you with a multitude of combinations for cute preppy outfits that’ll leave you feeling fantastic about what you decide to wear every time. We remove the complexities of selecting the perfect cruise ship or resort wear with the trendy, high-quality clothing we supply. Our team at Melly M works diligently and consistently to ensure that the items we provide our customers with are defect free and will make the perfect addition to any closet. Contact Melly M with any product or business inquiries today. We look forward to helping you create cute preppy outfits.

Cute Preppy Outfits

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