Classic Preppy Style
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Classic Preppy Style

You know the saying: dress for success. The way that we dress has a much bigger impact on our lives and the relationships that we make than you may realize. Studies have shown that the way that we dress not only affects the way those around us see us, but it also changes the way that we feel about ourselves. The way that you dress can boost your confidence levels, positively change the way that others perceive you, and recent studies have even suggested that dressing in a way that makes you feel confident can even put you in the right mindset for abstract thinking and problem-solving. Melly M‘s classic preppy style is chic, modern, and classy, and you will thank yourself for dressing in clothes that make you feel confident about yourself and your abilities no matter where you are. Melly M blends elements of classic preppy style with modern elements of vogue to bring you unique and fashion-forward additions to any wardrobe.

If you consider yourself to have a classic preppy style, then you should definitely consider Melly M’s impressive collection of fun, preppy styles, and prints. The preppy-inspired look was first introduced in women’s fashion during the 1960’s, offering women a refined, high-fashion style that was perfect for any occasion, and it has been evolving ever since to fit the tastes and needs of modern women. Melly M offers top-of-the-line classic preppy style choices in fun and eye-catching prints that you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • Asher, a simple, chic print available in black, royal, and turquoise
  • Crosby, an elegant print that is perfect for the beach or boating, available in navy and pink
  • Binky, a fun, bright, floral pattern available in royal and turquoise
  • Jules, a classic, vibrant print available in navy and pink
  • Tibby, an exciting, vibrant multi colored print
  • Justine, a cute print with brilliant colors that pop out from a black background

Melly M’s prints are available in a wide range of clothing styles, from dresses to shorts to golf attire. No matter what the occasion, whether preparing for a cruise, spending a day on the golf course, planning a trip to the beach, or are simply looking to expand your wardrobe for your daily life, you will always be able to find the perfect ensemble on our online shop. You can browse through different style categories, or select your favorite print and view the multiple clothing options available. Melly M’s original designs deliver a classic preppy style with a sophisticated modern edge to bring you a look that you won’t find with other clothing brands, and our high-quality fabrics will provide you with the comfort and mobility that you need in all of the activities that you enjoy. If you have any comments or questions that you would like us to answer, or if you are interested in adding Melly M to your wardrobe, please feel free to contact us today.

Classic Preppy Style

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