About Melly M

It all began on the streets of New York in 2002 when a woman stopped Melissa, who was adorned in one of her creations and asked where she purchased it. Melissa replied, “Oh, I made it” and thought the conversation was over. The woman was persistent and asked if she had more and if she would be interested in selling some. Melissa, thinking this woman was a “nut”, replied, “Maybe,” and asked for the woman’s card. As it turned out this woman was a sales representative. They met for coffee the next day and Melly M was born and showcased in her first New York trade show three weeks later.

“What a journey this has been,” I commented to a local journalist who was interviewing me for a story. Who would have thought my love of coloring and doll clothes at four years old would turn into a career thirty years later. I guess fate stepped in! After being downsized from Deutsche Bank due to the horrific events of 9/11 all I intended to do was design and sew a few skirts for myself while I searched for a new job. And then Pat, the rep, stepped in and turned my hobby into a company very quickly.With virtually no formal training in fashion, no production house and no money, I turned to the internet and my parents, who graciously, yet reluctantly, lent me a small amount of money. Day after day I pounded the pavements in NY asking too many questions of vendors in the garment district. I was now determined to turn my brand into a household name.Melly M has come a long way from that initial skirt, which still hangs on the design wall. I design each print in my collection. And, I think people have come to know and love the versatility, unique sense of color and detail in everything I design. My prints vary from sophisticated elegance to simple, snappy casual. The silhouettes will always remain timeless, wearable and feminine.

My main focus for the future is to design and create products that people love to wear, offer the best customer service possible, and to continue to manufacture in the city where it all began, New York.

Before I go, I must thank and give credit to all the patient individuals that work with me day in and day out, the support of my family and friends, and most important to you, my loyal customers. Without you, Melly M wouldn’t be!”