Women's Resort Wear
Women's Resort Wear

The Best Places to Adorn Yourself in Women’s Resort Wear

I know I’m ready for fun in the sun on a perfect Spring day!  Spring is the right time to indulge in the pleasures of gardening, relaxing on the beach before the harsher summer days quickly appear before us, and indulging in Melly M. women’s resort wear!  Our unique prints, patterns, and styles simply blossom right off the web page into your spring and summer wardrobes.  Melly M. can provide you with a stunning outfit for every casual and fun outfit…

Seaside Beach Resort Attire

Is your spring break going to be spent at a luxurious seaside resort?  Can you already envision a tall, gleaming light house sitting on the coast of rolling waves right outside your window?  Then it’s time to find something to adorn yourself with that’s equally luxurious- seaside beach resort attire!  Nothing is more nautically delicious than Melly M.’s own Crosby Navy print for a cool stroll down to the pool.  

The Beach

The beach is commonly viewed as a place to relax and take a breather with the calm salt air, lie out in the warmth of the sun, and soak up the bliss of a nice island vacation.  Sometimes though, it’s just as wonderful to take a stroll in the sunbeams with your sweetheart.  Our Kamalame Dress in Tibby multi is wonderful for just that- it makes a bright and happy statement while still being refined, with a special hint of resort wear glamor.  As far as women’s resort wear goes, the beach is another excellent destination to slip on!   

Cruise Vacation

Heading to an adventurous cruise vacation is always something to look forward to, but more often than not leaves one at a loss of what to pack.  I know personally, I’m often over-stuffing my luggage in a desperate attempt to prepare for every possible fashion scenario.  Instead, use the one-step-ahead mindset and find women’s resort wear with a purpose- the Kensington Pant in Ginger Royal is a marvelous example of this goal!  With a beautiful wave pattern that mimics the waves under your cruise ship, this pant has a multi-wear function.  Go for an afternoon shopping spree in the mall section of your ship, paired with our classic Cohasset Crew in Solid White, or head to a romantic dinner and dress up the pant with a vintage blouse and some of your best heels!  

The Golf Club

We are all aware of the monotonous confines of a regular golf club’s attire guidelines.  But with Melly M., it’s extraordinarily simple to combine uniform fashion of a golf club with the pleasure of women’s resort wear!  We make it easy to find on our site, as we have a section specifically for golf-club wear.  Head out to the green in a bright, cool, classic Cohasset Crew in Solid Turquoise to maintain fashionable individuality through our vivid colors, while maintaining the rules at the golf club!

Lovely Garden Party

Our Melly M. fashions, while great for a day considerably more active and filled with activities, are absolutely appropriate for a classy get together.  Consider our bright butterfly-clad Osterville Dress in Binky Turquoise– perfect for a bright spring day out in the garden, sharing a fresh pot of tea.  The gorgeous pinks and seafoam greens blend into a lovely sight on the dress, creating a unique and stunning elegance rarely achieved on the market of women’s resort wear.     



Women’s Resort Wear

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