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Preppy Shirts

Preppy Shirts and the Modern Prep Style

It’s time for another weekly blog post, my preppy, golf enthusiast friends!  Today we’re going to talk about preppy tops, their evolution through the years, and those preppy tops that we at Melly M have to offer with their stunning, unique mix and match appeal! There are elements to preppy shirts and clothing in general that have remained imperative elements when donning the prep style throughout the ages.To really encompass the prep style with your preppy shirts or your entire preppy outfit, there are unspoken guidelines that are typically aimed for.  These just so happen to include the overall quality of your garment.  It is typical to invest in the preppy shirts you wear, to invest in the quality of your preppy wardrobe.  You often seek preppy shirts of extraordinary quality, neatly folded over and stitched in a way to give you a gorgeous and properly executed line.

The next most important unspoken rule of preppy fashion and preppy shirts is the idea that they should be in excellent taste (*clears throat* such as Melly M!), because you always want to be quite versatile in your garments!  The modern prep is in so many different situations daily, from the country club to a sweet afternoon brunch, the golf course and the docks.  That’s why anyone who invests their time in preppy shirts knows no matter where your life and perfect preppy style may take you, your preppy shirts will be appropriate and stylish for the occasion.

My absolute favorite thing in regards to prep through the years is also absolutely the evolution of pattern usage.  I mean, obviously, in the more recent decades (looking at you, the 90’s) we as preps didn’t exactly shy away from patterns.  Our plaid usage was, in some cases, regrettable- consider one of our nineties prep icons debuting a rancid mustard yellow plaid in Clueless- that plaid was certainly unforgettable, and with a matching hat too!  However, modern prep has taken such a fantastic, newer turn in the 2010’s when it comes to patterns.  I attribute much of this to my pinterest scouring.  By the way, I beg you to search preppy outfits on pinterest, and immediately fall in love.  Back to the point, I’ve noticed an explosion of color regarding preppy shirts matched with super cute preppy skirts, to create yet another glorious, modern take on preppy style.  If you’ve been following it through the eras, you’ll be aware of the number of metamorphoses our beloved style has taken since its classic ivy league birth.

That brings me to our own line at Melly M. Our patterns and styles to wear our patterns on can provide you with that go to look we all are looking for.  I know many of us wake up in the morning and just want something to put on, something easy, while still looking presentable, weekend or weekday.  Our preppy shirts really do have that anywhere vibe and look.  Throw an antigua top on, or even a cohasset crew with your favorite pair of shorts to make your personal preppy style pop!  Update your preppy shirts collection today with Melly M!

Preppy Shirts

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