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Golf Dress

Golf Dress: Classically Compelling Fashion

If you search up “dress code on the golf course” you’ll find innumerable results for country clubs that pop up with intimidatingly lengthy golf dress codes.  If you’re new to the golfing universe, it may seem like an added stress to have to abide by all of the rules.  You just want to enjoy your time at the country club and have a peaceful, relaxing time out on the green!  Melly M can provide a simple go to guide to keep you updated and in the know on how to simply show up on the green in a professional way, as though you’ve been dressing for the course and country club the entirety of your life!

Golf dress has an incredibly rich and intriguing history, beginning numerous years back all the way in the country of Scotland! You may be used to the sweet southern ways of perhaps a Georgia country club, fanciful, tranquil, and with absolutely gorgeous weather.  However, in the beginning of golf dress, golfers were not required to dress in a certain way for fashion purposes, but rather for the purpose of survival!  Golf was not comfort in the beginning of the sport.  Weather, climate and general existence in Scotland can be rough, therefore their golf dress needed to match!  I can ever so clearly picture the green rolling hills of Scotland on a wet and blustery day, battling mother nature for an excellent swing to end the perfect round.  Eventually, the sport of golf evolved into something quite different, an elegant sport with an equally elegant golf dress attire!

I’ve always appreciated the golf dress, basically above the dress of any other sport.  I find it invigorating to get spiffed up, and to go play a game.  Proper golf dress, when utilized carefully and followed through with precision, has the ability to clear your mind and keep you right there in the game.  I’ve heard it before- if you dress for success, you will succeed!  I remember going into my exams for university decked in slacks and a nice, crisp shirt.  It made me feel as though I was ready and prepared for whatever my professor may throw at me (whether or not I actually was prepared.  The same goes for golf dress and makes me further understand why the golfers and country clubs have the implicit dress codes that they do.  

When you dress well in your well groomed golf dress attire, the same concept merges perfectly- your game and the way you are choosing to present yourself out in the field absolutely mean something significant to the way you play your game. You certainly aren’t dressing for the scotland wilds, of course unless you are actually in Scotland, but rather for a bright summer day.  Just a nice skort paired with a bright, clean crew top or a classic v neck can allow you the comfort to focus and know you have a goal, to get that hole in one, during your game of golf.   

If you’re looking for great golf dress, check out Melly M- we have a specific page of typically golf appropriate garments to don at the country club or with your putter!

Golf Dress

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